Occupational Therapist (OTs)

Occupational Therapists (OTs)

  1.  Marianne Bolton


Occupational Therapists (OTs) support people of all ages with problems resulting from physical, mental, social, or development difficulties.OTs provide interventions that help people find ways to continue with everyday activities that are important to them.


As patients’ needs are so varied, OTs help GPs to support patients who are frail, with complex needs, live with chronic physical or mental health conditions, manage anxiety or depression, require advice to return or remain in work and need rehabilitation so they can continue with previous occupations (activities of daily living).


OTs in primary care can assess, plan, implement and evaluate treatment plans with an aim to increase patients’ productivity and self-care. Working with patients to set realistic outcomes focused goals.



  • Improves the individual patient’s independence and improves specific self-care skills.
  • Help to better manage the patient’s own selfcare, keep them well and reduce visits to the practice the patient may have otherwise needed to make.